Friday, July 29, 2016

Screwed Up Screw U

A week or two ago, I placed an order for a 3D printed replica of Holtzmann's amusingly insulting (or not, depending on who's reading it) 'Screw U' pendant.

Well, it arrived in the mail yesterday....yeah, the size is a little off.

Seriously babes, it's like the Flava Flav version...

Here's the pendant after I painted it, and next to my work phone (iPhone 5). I also left a kind note about it with the folks producing these. It's not insanely big, but it's leaning toward Toon Town proportions. I'll still be using it for another top secret-for-now project ;)

I've contacted someone about making me a real one from metal, in a truer size to the original.
I'll keep you guys posted XOXO

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