Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Very Long Wait In The Resurrection Tub...

Way back in early March of last year, I had discovered that the sci-fi replica costume company, Anovos was releasing a copy of the infamous red dress worn by the Cylon known as Caprica 6.
Along with this, they also created a stunning replica of her lethally sculptural bracelet and ring.

While I had already made my own replica of the dress, I still snatched up a size medium for myself.
My version of the dress was okay, but I wasn't completely satisfied with it. The fabric I was able to find didn't look or feel quite right, didn't hang or cling nicely to my body, and generally had issues with longevity.
The fabric didn't hold its shape well, and stretched out in odd areas. So, I figured this one by Anovos would definitely be a step up.
My fiance bought me the bracelet and ring set as a gift, since my birthday was only a few weeks away.
Keep in mind that I knew these items were all pre-orders and set for production, so I expected to wait the then-stated time of 5-6 months.
The bracelet arrived on time, but the dress ran into issues with fabric quality and production times slowed to a crawl. One year and 4 months later, they worked out the issues and the dress is currently in transit to me, set to arrive tomorrow. I'm really excited to finally get this sultry frock, and will post photos as soon as I have the chance to model it!

I'm crossing my fingers the quality and fit will have been worth the wait, but the jewelry set is stunning.
My only issue with it, is the clasp is complete crap. It won't stay closed, and I've nearly lost it on at least 3 occasions. The steel metal 'shards' are actually slides mounted on a faux leather (or at least plastic coated) strap. The clasp closure consists of a little tension plate you slide the end of the strap into, and flip the plate over. The underside of the plate has small 'teeth' that are supposed to grip the strap. It does not, and instead flips back open on its own within seconds.
Well, it stays put if you don't move...or breathe for that matter.
This makes me afraid to wear it most times, when it's a piece of gorgeous jewelry I want to wear as often as possible. I'm hoping to replace the clasp with something more secure, like an actual buckle.

Now I just need a better wig, since I'm not about to chop and bleach my hair to death.