Friday, July 31, 2015

One More To The List...

Because we are attending Dragon Con in hot and steamy Atlanta, Anders and I have been trying to add more than a few "lightweight" costumes to our repertoire. This means whatever we can comfortably, and in some cases comically, get away with!
After seeing a random clip from the 1970s sci-fi film Logan's Run the other night, and being a Logan's Run fan for years, I've decided to recreate the Jessica 6 costume from her first scene with Logan.
It's shimmery and green, light and airy, perfect for hot humid weather. Although there seems to be a fair amount of fabric covering all the needed areas, it's still barely there.
But why, with the other costumes I need to finish am I adding this one? Because it will literally take me one evening to make the dress, and I nearly have all the other bits and pieces already. As I was entertaining the thought of doing this costume, I stumbled upon an amazingly nice wig at a great deal on Ebay. I was actually stunned by the quality when I received it in the mail the other day. Rarely is an Ebay wig nicer than the photo.
I may trim it a bit shorter, but it's almost exactly the hairstyle and color as Jessica's.
Achieving a natural looking hairstyle that is worlds away from your own cut and color, is often the most difficult and time consuming part to a cosplay. Add to that the often endless searching of wig shops and online sources for something that works. Finding a perfect wig right away cut out 90% of the time it will take to make the Jessica 6 cosplay, and I think it was a big deciding factor to just go for it.

A large gold link chain belt was found on Etsy, and I'll be using some silk Georgette I already have on-hand that has silver threads woven in. It was originally going to be the overlay on a skirt for my Queen Elsa cosplay, before I found an alternate that was better.
Currently the fabric is a pale aqua blue. So, I'll be using a pinch of Sunflower Yellow acid dye from Dharma Trading co. to get that perfect pale pistachio green. I tested a swatch yesterday afternoon, and it turned out a perfect match.

Haha! Well, let's just get right to it, shall we? Oh the 1970s...

The revealing nature of this Jessica 6 dress is all in the cut and type of fabric, with one side of the sheer frock fully open.
There may be some magic involved in either making a nude colored high cut leotard for underneath, or tracking down some great matching flesh tone microfiber (and nearly invisible) boy shorts to wear.
I'll also be adding built-in flesh tone bra cups too.
Maybe even engineering some kind of slingshot bikini? We'll see.

Anders will be making the easiest costume ever; the Sandman caftan. One giant rectangle with grey edging that overlaps like a bathrobe in front and closes with front ties.
Yep. This is happening...because it's Atlanta, and it's a whole other level of humid and hot.

Of all the projects I'm currently trying to finish, I may be posting very few updates between now and the zero hour before Dragon Con. it all depends on how fast I can move on these projects, and what my extra online time looks like.
I will, however; be taking photos as I go, and will likely wait until everything is done and back from DC before making detailed posts about each project.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Patterning Wilma Deering

Boots and belt painted, and pattern for pants and cropped top drafted.

Next on the to-do list; dye a bunch of nylon spandex coral pink, and a little nylon spandex ivory.
Stay tuned xoxo!