Monday, November 28, 2016

Ghostbusters, Gatsby and Tudors - A Belated Picture Post

After a bit of a hiatus from this blog, thanks to a crazy post-Dragon Con schedule, I'm slowly creeping back out from the piles of sewing.
Of course, I'm throwing myself back in as I type this but in the meantime, here is a heavy smattering of images from the last few months of adventure.

In my Bowie/Ziggy Stardust drag tribute, at Dragon Con 2016

The weekend following our return from Atlanta, I was hitting the stage as Edel Vice, for a vintage burlesque performance at Berlin '32...

 Above photos by Arian Hormozi

 Photo by Mary Anne Butler

The very next day, we wiped away the vampy soot-shaded eyes, blood red lips and soaked up the gin with a hearty breakfast, to attend the Gatsby Summer Afternoon picnic.
There were more gin laced adult beverages, only this time they were a more 'healthful' blend, with lemonade, cucumbers, mint and other refreshing ingredients, plus quite the spread of luscious snacks that everyone contributed...

With my friend Laura, Photo by Laurie Tavan 

 With my friend, Tom LG

What seemed like just days later, we were off to Tudor era England for a private event.
This gown was made at break-neck speed, and NOT my best work I'm afraid. It did the job, but there are numerous things I dislike about it. namely the fit of the bodice; I had no stays to wear underneath, and a limited amount of boning to build directly into the bodice. The only thing I truly liked about the ensemble was the hat and all it's feathers! I need to get better photos of that to share.
Anders looks splendid in his doublet and slops....

I had the pleasure of helping out a friend's daughter this Halloween, by making her very own, close to screen accurate, Ghostbusters uniform!
With the help of Grant Imahara (of Mythbusters fame) building her a scaled down version of the new proton pack, complete with lighting effects, we made this fellow mini Ghostbuster's dream come true.

My continued Holtzmann style over the last few months, at work and at play...

 Heading to the pub...

More on the way soon! After the holiday season is done, I'll be back over at my Austrian Woman blog, sharing some of the historical fashion projects I'm currently working on, so be sure to click on the tabs above to view my various endeavors.
Until then, have a safe an happy holiday season XOXO!