Thursday, August 18, 2016

Ever Onward

Well today could have gone better...but in happier news this week;
I arrived home after work to find my Soviet era safety goggles had arrived, all the way from the Ukraine, in an unexpectedly speedy ten days. Many thanks to the wonderful seller; darklightscorpion

I'd also found the same yellow polycarbonate replacement lenses on Etsy, via JadedMinx.
(The One Of The Boys muscle tee was found online at Urban Outfitters UK, which is unfortunately sold out.)
This whole combo is what made up the goggles worn by Holtzmann, in the scenes right before and during Patty's delivery of the hearse that would become Ecto-1.

Like Holtzy's, these lenses are slightly convex, and fit perfectly in the vintage goggles. I'll admit I was worried they might not, but I have a way to grind them down a bit if I had to.
All together, the cost of this project came out to under $30 US.

The goggles came with the original box, an extra adjustable nose piece and the original black glass removable lenses.
While it's all in fine condition, I'll be replacing the elastic with the same kind in black.

As a side note, and posting this as reference for a friend; here are some images of the "One Of The Boys" muscle tank by Truly Madly Deeply, worn by Holtzmann. It originally came in ivory, but like hers, I dyed mine that odd faded aqua shade.
The first pic is a good shot of the lettering (made to look as though it was spray painted through a stencil), and the second is reference for placement:


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