Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Atomic Blonde Adventures

Wow, this year is already speeding by, and I have a birthday coming up in a few hours.
It's a big one, too! But enough about that; here's one new(ish) character currently on my drawing board for this year's cosplays:
Introducing Lorraine Broughton, from the film "Atomic Blonde", to be released this summer, also based off the graphic novel by Antony Johnston, called "The Coldest City":
This is the teaser I have so far, as all the bits and pieces for it's creation are slowly arriving in my mailbox and doorstep.

The long black wool trench and the wig arrived (the Skyelar by Arda Wigs, trimmed in front to make tousled bangs), with the addition of my longer length black leather gloves. I still need to replace a broken pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses that I had, that would be perfect for this; the pseudo-cat eye shades aren't quite working for this era's look.

Yours truly, channeling Lorraine in what could be a shadowy flat in Berlin.....or just a well timed, after work selfie in my bathroom. I was super excited about the wig ending up being exactly what I needed ;)

I also managed to find a pretty 'awesome' 1980s Cold War era sweater dress, that's also a black and white abstract turtleneck. It's very similar to the sweater Lorraine wears with the white coat, mini, over-the-knee *non high heeled* boots, stockings and exposed garter straps, in a few fight scenes.
(Found on Etsy) I plan on just making this into a sweater and wearing it with a mini dress or skirt, underneath. I thought about cutting this into a mini, but the chunkiness of the knit and the fit wouldn't be quite right.

Atomic Blonde 'actual'...

So, stay tuned as I add a little more 'spit and polish' to this cosplay over the coming weeks. I'm hoping to have them ready (as Lorraine has a few I'd like to take a stab at), between Silicon Valley Comic Con this April, and Dragon Con 2017 in August/September.

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