Thursday, September 17, 2015

Dragon Con Photos - Part II

Here are a few Photos of Vikings, a Vorvon and Cylons, from Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday afternoon, Anders and I finally had the chance to get a (slightly blurry) photo with Erin Gray. She played the role of Wilma Deering in the late 1970s early 1980s TV series, Buck Rogers. The episode from 1980 titled "Space Vampire", has become the most memorable from the show and my favorite episode, hence our costumes. There are more photos waiting in the wings, that should be ready to post soon.

"Space Vampire" happens to be Erin's favorite episode, too. As we approached her after another fan, she took one look at me and exclaimed, "Hey wait a minute...that's my outfit, haha!" pointing at my coral pink disco spandex replica of her costume from "Space Vampire". She was equally amused by Anders as the Vorvon, and said "Great job!"
I asked her how the color of mine turned out compared to what she remembered of hers, since I had to dye the spandex. "A little more peach, but it really looks great!".
Glad I kept the pattern pieces I drafted for this. Even before Erin shared her knowledge about the color, I'd been wanting to have another go at this costume to adjust a few things. Now I have more confirmation on the color! So it will be a remake of that, the white 'space suit', and hopefully her blue pants and jacket. Next year I might have a Wilma Deering wardrobe to bring to Dragon Con. ;-)

She was also teaching Tai Chi workshops this year. We had joined her and a few others earlier on Friday for a session, and she recognized us. It was really relaxing and centering, and just what we needed to push through the remaining days of Dragon Con.

Saturday night, the Vikings gathered for the raid. We were a small group this year, but are sure to have bigger numbers for 2016.

And finally, what the Colonial Fleet was waiting for all year; the Frak Party! Complete with a visit by a good number of the Battlestar Galactica cast. Booze was shared, Loveboat/Star Trek mashups happened, push-up challenges, dancing, many hugs, and general mayhem ensued.

Waiting in line for drinks with Grace and Tricia. Edward James Olmos and I make eyes at each other...then THIS happens! 

 No really, it was just a hug!

The Colonial Fleet challenged Michael Trucco ("Anders") to a
push-up contest. I'm not sure who won here, but everyone had fun.

 Both Anders', making it so.

With Michael Trucco. He gives great hugs.

Then, Gaius Baltar (James Callis) and I decided to revisit plans to take over the universe...again.

 "Hey, can I take your picture...what are two you up to?"
Uh, why are you both looking at me like that...guys?"

Stay tuned for more, xoxo!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Dragon Con 2015 Photos - Part I

Here are a few of my favorite photos (so far) from over the weekend. There will be more to come!

My Logan's Run cosplay as Jessica 6, and another shot with the 'Life Clock' palm crystal. Photo on the left by Anders Hudson, photo at right by Bill Watters.

Battlestar Galactica; Mary Anne and I (both at left) in our new flight suits! With our fellow pilot, Erin and the sweet nectar of caffeine. Photo by Bill Watters (?) Flightsuits by Midwick Armory.

 Spending time with "Chief"

Just a small portion of the Battlestar Galactica / Colonial Fleet in attendance this year.
Stay tuned for more!