Monday, September 12, 2016

We Return To Our Normal Programming

Whew, what a crazy ride the last few weeks have been!

I apologize for the delay in the post-Dragon Con posts, but I had to hit the ground running as soon as we returned last Tuesday night.
Of course, after the mad rush to finish up all the costumes in time, you'd think I wouldn't want to even look at my sewing machine for at least the next week or two...right?
Because I'm crazy, by Wednesday afternoon I was already swimming through a swath of cobalt blue silk organza. I needed a new dress for the picnic at the Gatsby mansion!
I'll post photos of that over at my 'Austrian Woman' blog.

While I still need time to gather more of the best photos from Dragon Con to share here, I need to at least post a couple for you. Here is photo post #1!

 Can't go without the 'salty parabolas'
Photo by Mary Anne Butler

After acquiring badges, the next logical step is the booze and snack run!

Women of Sci-Fi.
LtoR : River in Star Trek, me as Zev (Lexx Season 1), and Gwen as Xev (Lexx Season 2). Photo by Mary Anne Butler.

Zev and Xev; sexy Cluster Lizards
Photo by Mary Anne Butler
Also; a big awesome shout-out to Pish Posh wigs, for the best lace front wig I've ever had the pleasure of wearing. This was their Farrah in silver, and I had cut and styled it to my needs. Amazing fit and quality, and while the price point is a bit higher than their root brand Epic Cosplay Wigs, it's very much worth it!!

 My two dads; my Princess Aura cosplay with new friends, Trent Thornton and Jay Wright, as Ming The merciless. Our Flash Gordon group grew to epic proportions through the day!
My long luxurious dark hair is the Eros wig, by Epic Cosplay.

Photo by Bill Watters

Me, Laura as General Kala, and Mary Anne as Dale Arden.
Photo by Bill Watters.

In my fun 'super' costume con twist on Holtzmann, goofing off with River as Kaylee.

Holtzmann in cat heaven. I mean look at many CATS! <3

Note the 'super' Screw U cape.
Photo by Garrett Manuel

Stay tuned, more photos are on the way. Including my Marriott carpet/Bowie tribute!