Friday, May 20, 2016

Bowie Tribute Cosplay - Leaping to Part II: Ziggy In Satin

After having a difficult time finding the right fabric to make Cyrinda's yellow jacket from, I found a faux leather version that might work well for the time being.
With that said, I decided to move forward with my Ziggy Stardust/Bowie tribute cosplay.
This will also be a tribute of sorts to the designer that created the original worn on stage by David, Kansai Yamamoto.

I have begun the hand painted design on what will be the front of the white satin crane tunic.
The kimono-like blouson sleeves have been cut out and are waiting to be sewn up, as well as the simple matching sash belt from the same fabric. I might just make this zip up the back, as I'm not sure what form of closure the original had.
Unable to do a copy exactly like the original, I've decided to do my own thing with some of the design elements; namely the two cranes. I made them slightly larger and the one above has his wing extended slightly. This is my first time painting in this style, and it's been a while since I've painted anything (let alone onto satin).

Hopefully I can make up, and stencil the kanji onto, the accompanying tear-away cape in time for Dragon Con, too!
Next on the agenda is the wig, in that signature Ziggy red rooster cut.
I started on this yesterday evening, and I still need to do a little more layering on the sides, but it's nearly there. You can see the comparison from what it looked like on Ebay, and after I was 3/4 of the way done with it! My only gripe is that I wish the hair on top was a little thicker.
It has a little too much flip at the longer areas, so I'll need to gently relax those with wax paper wrapped around a low-temperature flatiron.

He's just helping Ronson play his guitar...really! Hehe...